Home Solar Panels with Battery Storage

Solar Panel and Battery Systems for Homes

A solar panel system for a household can have a number of benefits. Rising energy prices mean the cost of home solar panels are a great investment for a household, and this has seen domestic solar systems become more popular in recent years. Advancements in battery storage systems allow more of the sun’s energy to be used in households. Combine this with the environmental benefits and the need for all of us to lower our reliance on fossil fuels and the advantages of home solar panels with battery storage become clear.

About Solar Panels with Battery Storage

Solar panel systems generate electricity from sunlight, and this electricity is then used throughout the home to power appliances. If all of this electricity is not being used, the battery system can store this for when it is needed. Solar battery storage systems are a perfect option for households who may not be home during the day when solar panels are generating electricity.



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At SolarTherm UK we have been installing Solar PV systems for over a decade. We are recognised as one of the best solar energy companies in the UK and have completed thousands of solar installations for residential and commercial clients across the country. We believe in efficiency, reliability and great customer service.