Mr & Mrs Reeve – Home Solar Panel System

Drone photo of residential full black solar panels on a pitched roof


Mr and Mrs Reeve’s estimated annual grid consumption was 4789.42kWh per year. Since the addition of our 6.1kWh PV system, their GRID consumption has decreased to just 2376.2kWh per year.

Savings and Benefits of Home Solar

Prior to the Solar PV Installation their Electric bills totalled to £1,538.78 annually. Since the addition of the system, the annual bill for the household is just £824.36 – A fantastic saving of £714.42!

Calculations therefore suggest that their home is 49.51% better off since the addition of the solar system and we believe almost half of their everyday energy to be completely FREE!

As per the initial contract, we predicted annual savings at just £445.89 with a total payback period of 13 years. We’ve recalculated based on their results a new payback period of just 7-8 years in which they’re already 1.5 years into.

As amazing as the financial benefits have proven to be, it is very important to consider our carbon footprint. Their eco-friendly efforts have been a great benefit to our environment with an estimated 1.2kg CO2 Emission Saving to date, the equivalent to planting 83 trees – It’s proven cheap to be green!


from initial contact to installation all was handled with friendly and professional manner. installation carried out by friendly informative personel. after sales service also good. in all completely satisfied customer.

Very happy with our solar installation: Panels & Battery. Great communications, and excellent customer service. Would highly recommend