Can solar panels be installed on a flat roof?

Solar panels are very versatile and can often be adapted to meet any situation. There are certain situations that may reduce the efficiency of the panels, such as shade or unmaintained panels, however, flat roofs can make the perfect location to install solar panels. Ensuring your solar panel installer is knowledgeable of installing solar panels on flat roofs is a must to ensure your solar panels operate at their most efficient rate proving you with the most savings from your energy bills.

Solar panels are more commonly associated with being installed on pitched roofs, however, there are several other options available such as flat roof-mounted panels or even ground-mounted panels. Solar panels are more traditionally associated with pitched roof mounting due to those panels often being more visible, whereas flat roof panels often can’t even be seen from the ground.

At SolarTherm UK, we’ve carried out thousands of solar panel installations on flat roofs throughout the UK. Our expert team of installers having the latest knowledge, training, and equipment to ensure you’re getting the best installation possible and providing you with efficient solar panels for decades to come.

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How do flat roof solar panels work?

Flat roof solar panels work exactly the same as the solar panels you’d find on pitched roof solar panels. They use the same technical set-up as pitched roof solar panels, with the panels connected to an inverter that can provide power to the applicated through your home. Roof-mounted solar panels offer the same applications as pitched roof solar panels, with the ability to be connected to a home energy battery system, to an EV charging system, or even both.

Flat roof-mounted solar panels are often associated with commercial premises where the roof is typically flat; however, they are equally as efficient when installed on domestic properties.

Benefits of flat roof solar panels

Despite there being a few considerations when installing a solar array on your roof, there are several benefits of installing solar panels on a flat roof, including:

  • Solar panels provide cheap and green energy.
  • There are several types of panels available on flat roofs, including solar PV and solar thermal panels.
  • Feed-in tariffs are available if installed by an MCS certified installer, such as SolarTherm UK.
  • Flat roof panels are less visible from the ground than roof-mounted solar panels, so will cause less of a visual difference to your home or business premises.
  • Flat roof panels are easier to install which can save money on installation.
  • Flat roof panels are easier to maintain which can help ensure optimum efficiency of your panels.

Is planning permission required for flat roof solar panels?

Generally speaking, the process of installing solar panels is similar to that of a pitched roof. In most cases, planning permission is not required for the installation of solar panels as long as the installer follows the guidance set by the local council.

Before any work starts, we recommend contacting your local planning authority to ensure there isn’t any local laws or regulations against solar panel installation. This will avoid any issues with the council or neighbours further down the line which can save you time and money.

What type of solar panels can be installed on a flat roof?

Both solar PV and solar thermal panels can be installed on your flat roof. They will operate in the same way as fitted panels, both of which are placed at an angle between 10 and 50 degrees to ensure your panels are capturing as much daylight as possible.

Installing flat roof solar panels

At SolarTherm UK, we specialise in the installation of solar panels in any type of setting, whether that be on a pitched roof, on a flat roof or even on the ground. Contact our team at SolarTherm UK for a free quote for solar panel installation. We can work out whether solar panels will save you money and can provide recommendations for the types of solar panel array installed. If you wish to proceed, we can book a non-binding property assessment to assess the suitability of solar panels on your house. Once the assessment has been completed, we can proceed to install your solar panels at a convenient day and time.