7 Facts about solar panels you don’t already know!

Full black solar panel installation. Roof mounted on a beautiful modern countryside home

We’ve put together 7 important facts about solar energy which may surprise you! From design to functionality, find out more about solar technology!

  1. A solar panel system has no moving parts and therefore requires very little to no maintenance!

Being low-maintenance is one of the great reasons that makes solar panels a great investment. The only thing you may need to do is give your panels a clean once a year to reduce any shading losses.

  1. Solar energy is completely safe to produce!

A solar panel system presents very little, if any, risks to your home. All solar PV systems installed by SolarTherm UK are HIES protected for your reassurance. We also install SolarEdge technology which has Safe DC shutdown, ensuring the safety of your household if required.

  1. Solar energy produces no carbon emissions.

Many people are becoming more climate-conscious as the media often displays thought-provoking discussions of the devastating impact of climate change on our planet. Solar is a completely clean, renewable energy source, something that many people are deciding to take responsibility for.

  1. Solar PV works all year round – even in winter!

It’s a misconception that solar panels only work when it’s sunny. In fact, solar panels are powered by ambient daylight. As the winter days are shorter, your system will produce less energy, but with a few simple changes you can maximise your output all year round. Try to put the dishwasher on in the morning as opposed to the evenings and use your large appliances during the day whilst your panels are producing energy.

  1. Solar energy is more useful than ever before

With the latest industry advancements such as Time-Of-Use tariffs, allowing you to top up your solar battery overnight with cheap energy, and Grid Trading giving you the opportunity to sell your energy which will be credited to you against your energy bills, battery storage has become a sophisticated, intelligent essential part of your home energy system making solar panels more useful than ever before. As electric vehicles continue to surge in popularity, you can also use generated solar energy to contribute to the running cost of your electric car too!

  1. A solar panel system will increase the value of your home!

A future-proofed property with cheaper energy bills and a regular income are an attractive proposition for any potential buyer and the value of your home will increase with a solar panel installation. We offer a range of designs for solar panels so you can choose a sleek option that looks modern and enviable to your neighbours!

  1. The Feed-In Tariff might have gone, but that’s not the end for solar incentives!

The UK Government has introduced a Smart Export Guarantee, meaning that you can now get paid for energy that you export back to the National Grid.