Commercial Solar Panel installation at Bancroft School

Solar panel installation at Bancroft School


Bancroft’s School was founded by the Drapers’ Company in 1737 on the Mile End Road as a day-school for local boys from a diverse range of backgrounds; the school has come a long way geographically and institutionally since then, but the school remains committed to enabling pupils from a wide range of backgrounds to enjoy education and has a long tradition of excellence as an independent school.

Bancroft’s brief was to cover all available roof space with Solar Panels and a Solar Thermal plant made up of evacuated tubes. Phase one was to provide for 110,000kWh of electricity from the sports hall and swimming pool roof spaces.

SolarTherm UK tendered the project against several known and reputable installers winning the bid despite not submitting the cheapest quotation.

The Equipment Specification

The roof was made up of a three-layer mineral felt, with traditional stone chipping cover. The distance between the glass light wells as seen in the aerial photo needed a bespoke ballast mounted roof frame and design, undertaken and fabricated by BOVILL.TECH. Other areas were over-sheeted with mild steel trapezoidal sheet.

The mounting equipment was designed and installed in accordance with wind and weight loading calculations. The system installed with SolarEdge technology and Trina Vertex modules.


One of our favourite projects of 2023 was installed by our team in under 2 weeks – from delivery of materials to commissioning of the work at Bancroft’s Prep School.  Works were undertaken during half term to a tight and demanding schedule. This installation consisted of 123kW, and well over 300 Solar PV modules were installed by the SolarTherm UK team to create this eco-friendly & low carbon system.

We have installed a live monitoring portal which is displayed in the school, and the systems have been explained to the pupils and included in academic and educational lessons.

Solar PV System Benefits

Solar panels have many benefits and savings can be made on both domestic households and commercial properties. Solar PV panels can help commercial properties lower their carbon footprint by reducing their reliance on fossil fuels, therefore, saving hundreds on electric bills every year.

As many commercial properties are utilised during the day, they are perfect for solar panels. The energy produced by the solar panels immediately reduce your reliance on electricity from the grid. Some of the key benefits of commercial solar panels include:

  • Reduced electric bills
  • Tax Relief
  • Additional income potential

Year 1 Performance returns and savings

Following a return visit overview of the system almost a year to the day after install, the system monitoring tells us this:

Lifetime electricity supplied to date – 111,262kWh.

Suggested (pre installation) year 1 – 110,000kwh.

Year 1 financial savings – £14,637.00

Saving the equivalent of 1,252 trees

Saving 20,708kg of carbon emissions


from initial contact to installation all was handled with friendly and professional manner. installation carried out by friendly informative personel. after sales service also good. in all completely satisfied customer.

Very happy with our solar installation: Panels & Battery. Great communications, and excellent customer service. Would highly recommend