Solar panel need-to-knows

“Solar power? Hang on, we don’t live in California!” True, but it’s all about daylight, not sunshine. Panels can still generate some electricity on gloomy days, vital when the weather’s as dull as watching paint dry.

Before you stick them on your home, understand these key need-to-knows:

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Ofgem have just announced from April 1st, 2021, the price caps current in place on energy will be lifted. Potentially affecting some 15 million UK households.

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Your solar PV panel system will consist of a set number of solar panels, an inverter, or micro inverters, SolarEdge, a mounting frame and small components.

Often home energy storage systems or batteries were added to later systems, after 2014 batteries and storage systems started to become commonplace to be installed alongside the PV generating system. (Solar panels, or modules as they are known professionally)

The warranties typically associated with the solar panels are long. Usually a standard 2-year parts and labour, and 10–20-year product warranty. It is useful to note that a reputable installer such as Solartherm UK will also offer at no extra charge a 10-year insurance backed warranty. Largely this is a backup if the installer is unable to return and has ceased trading.

If installed correctly, a solar panel could last 25-40 years although they have a slight degradation rate and will very gradually diminish in their efficiency.

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free solar panel check

Have you been contacted directly by a call centre or by letter to have a free solar panels health check?

If so – And you own solar panels, then it is YOU that needs to carry out the checks.

With respect to the letters, bin them they are not genuine no matter how legitimate they look. If the callers are pushy or say that they have someone in the area, or that they are calling from MCS, Ofgem, The Government or even us, then you need to request the 6 points below immediately:

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Super plants planted by a super company!

Scientists at the Royal horticultural society (RHS) have concluded a study that has placed the Cottoneaster Franchetti as a super plant. The hairy leafed bush which is often used as a border or hedge in domestic gardens is 20% more effective at sucking air pollution than other shrubs when placed near heavy polluting traffic and pollution emitters.

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Air Source Heat Pump Installation

Theydon Bois – New build

Here we see another installation of an ASHP (Air source heat pump) buffer vessel, and H/W high efficiency cylinder.

These works are being undertaken to a high-end refurbishment project on behalf of the builder and clients.

UFH (16mm barrier pipe supplied by The solar and heat on the ground floor, and stainless steel spreader plates on the 1st floor.

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Green Homes Grant Scheme

Get up to £5k towards the cost of a renewable energy product, or up to £10k if you are a lower earning home, or are receiving any form of help including … Child Tax Credits!
You will need to get in-touch with us directly so we can provide a quotation (this can be via a desktop survey). You can then apply for the grant here:, providing our TrustMark license number: 1938855.
Once the voucher has been processed we will arrange a date for installation.

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New project sees Silvercrest Energy roll out a new Social Energy utility contract in partnership with UKPN (UK Power Networks) 

Green energy supplier Silvercrest Energy Ltd along with Social Energy, the utility supplier is launching a new project today to spur the development of a smart energy grid in southern England, working with electricity distributor UK Power Networks to enable around 100 homes to return stored energy back to the grid.

Energy customers participating in the programme will have a battery installed in their homes that will be used by the energy network to send extra power to the National grid at times of peak demand, as part of UK Power Networks’ flexibility services programme.

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Domestic Voltage optimisation

What is it? How much is it, what does it do? & a WARNING! 
Energy isn’t the same as power. If you reduce the voltage to the circuit to your kettle it will use the same amount of energy to boil the water, it will just take a little longer. The same applies to your oven heating up, or your washing machine heating the water. When used in a domestic Solar PV installation, Voltage optimisers are largely installed to compensate for the deficiencies in the poorly designed grid-tie inverters we find when retrofitting or repairing systems by others, those inverters that can’t handle the normal variations and surges in the LV distribution network.

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Are solar panels worth it in the UK?

By joining over 1 million UK homeowners who have switched to solar panels for their energy, you can help to pave the way for a brighter future. The way that we use energy is changing as we move away from polluting fossil fuels. With solar panels for your home, you have the opportunity to generate your own guilt-free energy, giving you independence from the UK National Grid.

A solar panel system will generate plenty of free energy for you to use. The more solar energy you can use in the day to power your home, the less you will need to draw from the UK National Grid, saving you hundreds of pounds a year. Solar panels may also increase the value of your home; a property with a great energy efficiency rating and low energy bills is a hugely attractive feature for potential buyers.

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