Parts of a Solar Panel System

Installers fitting solar panels to a roof

What parts make up a solar panel system?

If you are considering getting a solar panel system you may be wondering what components the solar panel system is made up of, and how do solar panels work in a home or commercial property. Systems largely comprise of the solar panels themselves, but they need to connect with your electricity supply. So, you may be wondering what equipment and space will be needed in your property?

How do solar panels work?

Solar panel systems are made of two or three key components depending on the type of system you select. The most visible part are the solar panels which work by harnessing the energy from sunlight and a mounting system is needed to fix the solar panels to your roof, whether that is a pitched roof or a flat roof. Different systems are used depending on your roof structure and they are designed to give you the optimum angle to collect the solar rays.

The solar panels are connected to an inverter by cable. The inverter will be located somewhere convenient and safe inside the property such as in a loft. The inverter converts the electrical current generated by the solar panels from DC to AC which is what flows through the UK electricity grid.

The solar panel system will be connected by further cabling with a generation meter which will be fitted to enable you to monitor and measure the amount of electricity produced by the solar panels. It will then connect with your property’s electricity supply so that you can use the electricity generated and any unused electricity will be exported to the grid.

The other key component you can include but is optional is battery storage and Battery Management Units (BMU). Solar panel battery storage is becoming increasingly more popular as part of solar panel systems as this allows you to use all the electricity your solar panels generate by storing that isn’t used straightaway in the property until you need it. As electricity prices have increased, this has become a greater consideration for many solar panel owners.

A solar panel system with battery storage
The component parts of a solar panel system with battery storage

How easy is solar panel installation?

Installing solar panels for homes and commercial properties is fairly straightforward when you use experienced professionals like SolarTherm UK. We are MCS-accredited installers with a highly trained team who can advise you on solar panel installation and guide you through the process. We offer a free consultation and a solar panel design can be produced demonstrating the costs, electricity savings and income that can be generated from the solar panel system.

The solar panel installation can take place on a convenient day and time, and it is minimally invasive and can be completed within a day depending on the size of your system.