Roof-Mounted Solar Panels

Drone image of residential roof mounted solar panel installation

Can solar panels be installed on a pitched roof?

Yes, solar panels can be mounted on almost any type of roof. In fact, roof-mounted solar panels are the most popular installation location in the UK. Homeowners and commercial premises with limited ground space often look to their roofs to utilise the otherwise unused space. Roof-mounted solar panels offer several benefits, including that they’re typically higher or the same level as surrounding trees and buildings, which reduces shading over panels that will reduce panel efficiency and savings. Furthermore, panels mounted to the roof can be cheaper to install than ground-mounted panels.

Solar panels have become increasingly efficient, producing more electricity from smaller spaces. Some criticise solar panels for ruining the aesthetics of their home or commercial premises. With the evolution of solar panels, the aesthetics have improved meaning they stand out less than ever before. Coupled with the popularity of solar panels having now been installed on over 850,000 households in the UK, solar panels have become second nature on the roofs of UK households.

At SolarTherm UK, we’ve carried out thousands of solar panel installations on roofs throughout the UK. Our expert team of installers having the latest knowledge, training, and equipment to ensure you’re getting the best installation possible and providing you with efficient solar panels for decades to come.

How do roof-mounted solar panels work?

Regardless of the installation location, solar panels all work in the same way. The photovoltaic (PV) panels capture sunlight produced by the sun using a semiconductor technology that generates an electric current which then passes through an inverter. An inverter is a piece of equipment that converts an electrical current. In the case of the solar panels, from the DC current produced by the solar panels to an AC current that can be used in your home or business. As with any installation location, the panels can be linked to a home energy battery system, utilised through an EV charger, or even both. Individual solar panels are linked together in what is called a ‘solar array’.

Most households in the UK opt for roof-mounted solar panels, whether that is on a flat roof or on a pitched roof.

Benefits of roof mounted solar panels

Despite there being a few considerations when installing a solar array on your roof, there are several benefits of installing solar panels on your roof, including:

  • Solar panels provide cheap and green energy.
  • There are several types of panels available on roofs, including solar PV and solar thermal panels.
  • Feed-in tariffs are available if installed by an MCS certified installer, such as SolarTherm UK.
  • Roof-mounted panels utilise otherwise unused space.
  • Roof-mounted panels can be installed within a day, depending on the size of the array.
  • Pitched roof-mounted panels often self-clean with rainwater, meaning maintenance often isn’t required.

Is planning permission required for roof mounted solar panels?

In most cases, planning permission is not required for the installation of solar panels, as long as the installer follows the guidance set by the local council.

Before any work starts, we recommend contacting your local planning authority to ensure there isn’t any local laws or regulations against solar panel installation. This will avoid any issues with the council or neighbours further down the line which can save you time and money.

What type of solar panels can be installed on a pitched roof?

Both solar PV and solar thermal panels can be installed on pitched and flat roofs. Regardless of the installation location, the panels need to be orientated in a way that captures the most amount of sunlight possible, ideally between an angle of 10 – 50 degrees.

Installing roof mounted solar panels

At SolarTherm UK, we specialise in the installation of solar panels in any type of setting, whether that be on a pitched roof, on a flat roof or even on the ground. Contact our team at SolarTherm UK for a free quote for solar panel installation.

We calculate whether solar panels will save you money and if they can provide recommendations for the types of solar panel array installed. If you wish to proceed, we can book a non-binding property assessment to assess the suitability of solar panels on your house. Once the assessment has been completed, we can proceed to install your solar panels at a convenient day and time.