Exploring the Benefits of Solar Panels

On this page we look at the various benefits of solar panels using our real-world examples of solar installations for both residential and business properties.

Take a look at some of our previous installations and discover the advantages of solar energy!

Residential Solar

Some of our previous Solar Panel installations for homes.

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  • Solar Panels for Flat Roof Design

    Solar Panels for Flat Roof Design

    33 JA Solar 385W half-cell mono black panels were installed to this detached home using our own flat-roof mounting system. The 33 solar panels are hidden from view to fit with her aesthetically pleasing home.

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  • Energy bill savings with Home Solar Panels

    Energy bill savings with Home Solar Panels

    For this homeowner, the PV system will have fully paid itself off in less than 5 years – System warranties exceed 12 years and therefore that’s 7 YEARS GUARENTEED FREE SOLAR ELECTRICITY AND ANNUAL BENEFITS AT AN ABSOLUTE MINIMUM.

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Commercial Solar

We are experts in Commercial Solar Panel installations.