How to choose a reliable UK solar panel installer

Technician testing a solar panel

It is really important that you choose a qualified, reliable electrician to install your solar panels to ensure that your system works to its maximum power and that the electrical wiring is safely installed within your home. Here’s a few things to look out for when choosing a UK installer of solar panels:

  1. How long has the solar panel installer been trading?

Check out how long the company/individual electrician has been trading/working. The solar industry is still fairly new and therefore it is wise to choose an installer who is accustomed to installing solar panels and other renewable technology such as solar batteries, heat pumps and biomass. This means that the installer fully understands the product and the installation process.

  1. Is the solar panel installer qualified?

There are many different qualifications that an electrician may have. You can ask to see copies of training certificates or qualifications achieved. A trustworthy, reliable installer should be happy to provide you with these to prove their commitment to providing a good, dependable service.

If an electrician is Part P approved, this means that they have been certified and that work they carry out is legal and, most importantly, safe and adheres to building regulations. It’s important that your solar panel installer is an accredited member of HIES, The Home Insulation & Energy Systems Quality Assured Contractors Scheme. You will find the HIES logo on a reliable UK solar panel installation company’s website.

HIES Accredited Member Badge
HIES Accredited Member Logo
  1. Quotation detail

A trustworthy UK solar panel installer will provide you with a full quotation detailing all of the services included in the price provided. We also recommend giving your electrician a written summary of the work that is required. Giving the electrician a full brief on the required work, with both parties having a clear record of the work agreed, will mean that both parties understand the work that is being carried out.

  1. Background research

A reliable installation company/individual electrician should be happy to show you any completed work with photographs or a portfolio of previous work.

They may also have customer feedback on a social media page. You can check out the feedback of SolarTherm UK customers by clicking here and heading to our Facebook page. You can also stay up to date with news, blogs and updates by liking our page too!

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