Residential Solar Case Study: Energy bill savings with Solar


Our clients Mr & Mrs Lane had 10 Solar Panels fitted to the roof of their property.

For this homeowner, the PV system will have fully paid itself off in less than 5 years – System warranties exceed 12 years and therefore that’s 7 YEARS GUARENTEED FREE SOLAR ELECTRICITY AND ANNUAL BENEFITS AT AN ABSOLUTE MINIMUM.

Benefits of Solar Panels

Can you believe Mr & Mrs Lane have saved £1,625.52 on annual Electricity Bills since the introduction of Solar Panels?


That’s equivalent to an all-inclusive three week Caribbean Cruise! Can you afford to miss out?

Putting the financial benefits aside, the eco-friendly efforts these homeowners have made are the same as planting 36 trees with CO2 Emissions savings at 596.4kg. All in less than a year… fantastic work !

For this homeowner, the Solar Panel system will have paid for itself in less than 5 years.

A project that is an absolute no brainer, eco-friendly and environmentally beneficial, all whilst keeping the aesthetics of the home with our sleek, FULL BLACK PV Modules.

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33 Solar panels mounted on a flat roofed residential property

Residential Solar Case Study: Flat Roof Design


Our client wanted to save money on her energy bills. By adding solar panels onto her flat roof, they will save her great amounts on her electricity bill, especially with her owning an electric car that needs charging daily.


33 JA Solar 385W half-cell mono black panels were installed to this detached home using our flat-roof mounting system. The 33 solar panels are hidden from view to fit with her aesthetically pleasing home, complete with a SolarEdge Inverter and Wonderlux Battery for energy storage.

Benefits of Solar Panels

Solar panels have many benefits and vast savings can be made for homeowners installing a Solar PV System. Solar panels can help households decrease their carbon footprint by reducing their reliance on fossil fuels, whilst saving hundreds on electric bills every year.

The 33-panel system we designed and fitted for this client will generate approximately 11938.08kWh per annum and has saved over 70,000kg of CO2 emissions to date, the equivalent of over 900 trees planted!

What our client had to say

  • How did you hear about SolarTherm? 

I heard about SolarTherm via a Google search I wanted to find a local company for my solar installation.

  • Did you speak to many different solar panel installers before choosing SolarTherm?

We did have a national company who came round, I can’t remember who but they were very pushy and it was off-putting so I decided to keep looking.

  • What made you choose SolarTherm? 

You were very informative and clear about what was needed and you were local.

  • Would you recommend SolarTherm to others and if so, why? 

I would recommend SolarTherm due to good customer service and I felt as though you are a good honest company that wasn’t trying to over sell what was needed. 

  • Do you think the investment in solar panels has been worthwhile? 

It has definitely been worth investing in solar for our home. Our electricity use is very high and it has helped reduce the money that is spent.

  • How do the solar panels look on your property? 

I have 100% flat roof so the solar panels are not noticed at all.