Residential Solar Case Study: Energy bill savings with Solar


Our clients Mr & Mrs Lane had 10 Solar Panels fitted to the roof of their property.

For this homeowner, the PV system will have fully paid itself off in less than 5 years – System warranties exceed 12 years and therefore that’s 7 YEARS GUARENTEED FREE SOLAR ELECTRICITY AND ANNUAL BENEFITS AT AN ABSOLUTE MINIMUM.

Benefits of Solar Panels

Can you believe Mr & Mrs Lane have saved £1,625.52 on annual Electricity Bills since the introduction of Solar Panels?


That’s equivalent to an all-inclusive three week Caribbean Cruise! Can you afford to miss out?

Putting the financial benefits aside, the eco-friendly efforts these homeowners have made are the same as planting 36 trees with CO2 Emissions savings at 596.4kg. All in less than a year… fantastic work !

For this homeowner, the Solar Panel system will have paid for itself in less than 5 years.

A project that is an absolute no brainer, eco-friendly and environmentally beneficial, all whilst keeping the aesthetics of the home with our sleek, FULL BLACK PV Modules.

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