IKEA Solar Panels

Ikea store

What are IKEA solar panels?

Between 2017 – 2019, IKEA sold solar panels in the UK. Initially sold in selected stores, IKEA was predominately cost focused with panels costing less than the average at that time. With the government cutbacks in the various incentives, namely the feed-in tariff, IKEA pulled out of the UK solar market.

Does IKEA still sell solar panels?

Yes, IKEA still sells solar panels in several other markets including Australia and Sweden but not in the UK. IKEA pulled out of the UK solar panel market in 2019 after the government announced the cancellation of the Feed-in tariff (FIT).

Does IKEA also sell solar batteries?

Similar to solar panels, IKEA sold solar batteries between 2017 – 2019, however, they’re no longer sold in the UK market from IKEA stores. As with their solar panel products, they’re still actively being sold in several markets across the world from IKEA stores in Australia and Sweden.

Solar panels in the UK

Despite IKEA no longer selling solar panels, solar panels still continue to become increasingly popular in the UK, with many households looking to reduce their energy bills and carbon footprint. At SolarTherm UK, our in-house expertise and accreditations mean our installations throughout the UK benefit from years of experience in the solar industry. Our reputation as a 5* installer can be seen through our hundreds of satisfied customers across the UK.

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