Eco-friendly electricity at local Conservative Club

Drone photo of solar panels installed onto flat roof of local conservative club


Canvey Island Conservative Club is located in Long Road Canvey Island just a few hundred yards from the town centre and is one of the largest in the UK, currently boasting approximately 1700 members. In 2009 the club won the converted Sir Marcus Fox ACC (association of Conservative Clubs) Club of the year award as well as celebrating it’s 50th anniversary.


In our latest project at Canvey Island Conversative club, we installed 50 black Solar PV panels. These PV modules were installed by our technicians to create eco-friendly & low carbon electricity all year round completed with a Growatt inverter.

Solar PV System Benefits

Solar panels have many benefits and savings can be made on both domestic households and commercial properties. Solar PV panels can help commercial properties lower their carbon footprint by reducing their reliance on fossil fuels, therefore, saving hundreds on electric bills every year.

As many commercial properties are utilised during the day, they are perfect for solar panels. The energy produced by the solar panels immediately reduce your reliance on electricity from the grid. Some of the key benefits of commercial solar panels include:

  • Reduced electric bills
  • Tax Relief
  • Additional income potential

The system we have designed for them will generate ~19270kWh per annum. Assuming they use 34% of the energy generated, in the first year alone they will save £2,278.06 on electricity and make £2,925.19 from exporting energy.

End of First YearOver 25 Years
Annual Saving£5,203.25£8,508.74
Total Saving on Electricity£2,278.06£130,223.51
Total Saving on Export£2,925.19£82,494.88
Estimated Payback Time5 Years

Canvey Island Conservative Club: Solar PV System

  • 142 Solar Panels installed
  • System Production: 33.2 MWh
  • CO2 Emmision Saved: 10.138kg


from initial contact to installation all was handled with friendly and professional manner. installation carried out by friendly informative personel. after sales service also good. in all completely satisfied customer.

Very happy with our solar installation: Panels & Battery. Great communications, and excellent customer service. Would highly recommend