There are a number of benefits in using biomass.

The carbon released into the atmosphere as CO2 when burning biomass fuel is the same amount that trees absorb during their lifetime – making the process carbon neutral. Using biomass fuel allows businesses to reduce their carbon emissions and reduce future carbon taxes. It also lowers dependence on fossil fuels and the risks associated with spiraling costs and supply.

Biomass offers up to 60% reduction on heating costs compared to oil and up to 70% return on investment from RHI for non-domestic applications. This guaranteed payment provides a payback period of between two and five years, so biomass boiler systems pay for themselves within a relatively short period of time, meaning that you start to make immediate savings and earn money quickly.

Benefits to Your Business

  • Reduction in heating bills
  • Less exposure to fluctuating fuel prices
  • Increased security for energy fuel supply
  • A guaranteed renewable heat incentive

Benefits to Your Community

  • Reduction of CO2, a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions
  • Increases our security of energy supply
  • Creates employment through the supply chain
  • Allows us to meet our obligation to 2020 & 2050 CO2 reduction targets