Using biomass fuel can help reduce your energy costs and business overheads with wood chips and pellets offering a considerable saving over traditional fossil fuels. Because wood chips and pellets are widely available, their use also reduces risks associated with future fuel supply.


Pelletized fibre is wood that is processed to produce a fuel that has a higher calorific value, lower moisture content and greater density than raw chipped wood, enhancing heat and power production. Whilst pellets cost more to produce the end product is easier to handle and can be bagged for retail consumers.

The ETA Hack multi-fuel boilers can be used with wood chips or wood pellets, offering increased flexibility and price stability over the standard wood pellet only systems.

Biomass Pellets

Virgin Wood Chip

Hardwood and softwood chips can be supplied in a series of sizes: G30, G50. G100. Different facilities will burn different sizes; typically small domestic and commercial boilers use the G30 chip whose size is in a range around 30mm, whereas G100 chips of approximately 100mm in length will be burned in larger installations.

Biomass Virgin Wood Chip

Clean A grade wood chip

A grade is the highest quality of waste wood. This ‘clean’, low moisture material consists of waste, cuttings and shavings from solid wood in a natural state, and packing cases and pallets made from wood and cable reels with nails and other metal removed during processing. The high quality A Grade biomass means it is suitable for use by facilities that have not been specially licenced under the waste incineration.

Biomass Wood Chip