Solartherm UK is an approved installer of ETA biomass boilers in the UK. ETA has been established for over 30 years, with over 30,000 customers worldwide. The award winning Austrian brand stands for safe, sophisticated, innovative and clean energy production.

ETA offer a range of eco-friendly pellet and multi-fuel boilers for domestic and commercial biomass application. The biomass boilers are RHI complaint and fully equipped with a calibrated and approved heat meter capable of accurately recording the heat produced by the boiler.

Biomass Boiler

The log boiler or the combination boiler for logs and pellets from ETA ensures environmentally-friendly heat and low operating costs in single family homes, multi-family homes as well as farmhouses.

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Heating with wood is – even if you don‘t own any forests of your own – extremely economical. It doesn‘t damage the climate, strengthens the domestic economy and is crisis-proof as wood is freely available in Europe. A modern log boiler is highly effective. Normally, you only have to add fuel once a day, on very cold days maybe twice. But a log boiler does not run fully automatically.

Biomass Log Wood

The ETA PelletsUnit is the ideal boiler for cosy hours in single-family and multi-family homes.

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The ETA PelletsUnit is the ideal pellet boiler for the renovation of new build of single-family and multi-family homes. An entire heating system is packed into a compact boiler. Highly efficient pump, safety valves and more are already integrated. This reduces the space required and assembly costs! The PelletsUnit is not just small, but also flexible: even a second heating circuit can be connected!

PU Boiler

The ETA PelletsCompact is the ideal boiler for large single family houses, apartment buildings and businesses.

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The ETA PelletsCompact is equipped with a controller for the entire heating system. Whether you want to integrate a solar heating system, a conventional hot water preparation system or a buffer storage with fresh water module, whether the energy is transferred with radiators or via under floor heating: You‘ve got everything under control via a touchscreen on the boiler or also via computer or smartphone. Simple images show you if your solar heating system was successful or how full your buffer is.

Boiler PC

The ETA PE-K is ideal for large apartment blocks, residential buildings, commercial operations and for small local heating networks.

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The heating requirements in large apartment blocks and industrial buildings are often very high, and so are the on-going costs for heating and hot water – especially if you still use fossil fuels. The conversion is worth it – especially when it‘s as easy as with ETA. Already during the development of the ETA PE-K pellets boiler, the quality company from Upper Austria had not just in new builds, but especially renovations in its sights. So in most cases no large conversion is required for boiler replacements and existing conditions can be used best. For example, a pellet store can be placed up to 20 metres away – for instance there where the oil tank used to stand.

Biomass Pellets Boiler

The ETA Hack is therefore ideal where heating needs to be economical, environmentally-friendly and fully automatic, above all in agricultural businesses, industry, commerce and in the form of local heating networks.

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In times of rising raw material costs, it is really a challenge to heat larger properties – not, however, if you rely on a crisis-proof and domestic fuel such as wood chips. Wood chips are produced from wood that is difficult to reuse, such as thinning materials, splinters of wood after storm damage and sawing residue from domestic wood processing plants. It is chopped in powerful chippers and according to predefined standards. The size of wood chips is standardised. Sizes from P16S – P31S are suitable for our systems.

Biomass Boilers
log boiler cutaway

Log boilers
20 – 60kW

1) Large fuel chamber
2) Carbonisation gas extraction
3) Ignition without matches
4) Ignition door
5) Easy ash removal
6) Primary and secondary air valve actuator
7) Insulated door
8) 5.7″ touchscreen
9) Exhaust temperature sensor
10) Delivery condition

A) Reliable underpressure with draught fan
B) Heat exchanger cleaning
C) Lambda probe
D) A complete control system for your heating system
E) Patented glow zone combustion chamber

pellet boiler cutaway

Pellet boilers
7 – 90kW

1) vacuum turbine for filling pellets
2) day bin for pellets
3) automatic ignition
4) hot stainless steel combustion chamber
5) air connection
6) automatic cleaning
7) automatic ash-deposal
8) all safety devices included
9) exhaust temperature sensor

A) patented rotating grate
B) rotary valve
C) draft fan
D) lambda probe
E) complete control
F) return riser valve with high efficiency pump

wodchip boiler cutaway

Woodchip boilers

20 – 350kW

1) Fuel conveyor
2) Progressive screws
3) Free-running hub
4) Removable cover
5) ‘Building block’ system
6) Universal joint
7) Spur gear motors
8) Primary and
9) Secondary air flap motors
10) Heat exchanger
11-12) control panel

Basic process

  • The fuel is transported uniformly into a ceramic lined combustion chamber. In a short time the fuel is ignited via a glow bar.
  • Air is supplied by a number of fans, the primary air supply is transferred through two air nozzles that go via the glow bar directly into the combustion area.
  • Secondary air is supplied through a special air duct built into the ceramic lining. A lambda sensor in the flue pipe regulates the blowing of secondary air ensuring a uniform and clean combustion.
  • A rotating arm pushes any ash made from the combustion through the grate and onto the de-ashing auger, this is then moved via an archimedes screw into the ash bin.
  • Ash which makes its way into the heat exchanging pipes is removed by close fitting archamedes screws down into the ash settling chamber, this ash is then moved by the de-ashing auger into the ash bin. The entire de-ashing process is operated by one motor.

Features and Benefits

  • 17 – 350kW solutions available
  • RHI compliant
  • Full automation and efficient combustion at partial and full load.
  • Parallel extraction agitator system with (woodchip HACK).
  • Solid core augers, continuously seem welded.(Woodchip HACK)
  • Milling cutter/rotary valve to allow cutting of any oversize fuel. (Woodchip HACK)
  • Automatic ignition through single or double glow bars linked to primary air blower.
  • Automated ash removal system.
  • Self cleaning of heat exchangers.
  • Combustion fully modulated according to flue gas O2 content and temperature combined with return water temp.
  • Automatic ash removal into ash collection bin.
  • Depending on the fuel quality there can be as little as 1% ash from the fuel burnt, this means that for every 1 cubic metre burnt only 10 cubic centimetre of ash would be produced.
  • The User friendly touch screen control system allows you to easily control the system, to monitor temperatures, select the fuel type and set operating hours. The user friendly control panel can also be viewed remotely on your smart phone or via the internet.