Key Benefits of Solar PV for Farms

✅ Launching from January 2024, government grants between £15,000 – £100,000 per farm will be available for Solar PV as part of the Farming Transformation Fund.

✅ Multiple funding opportunities are available

✅ Energy resilience and lower cost, sustainable electricity supply.

✅ Clean energy to contribute towards carbon goals

✅ Industry-leading advice, installation and project management

What Is The Farming Transformation Fund (FTF)?

Recently, the Environmental Secretary, Steve Barclay, has announced capital grants being made available to farmers who wish to install Solar PV panels on rooftops and irrigation reservoirs (floating solar) as well as farms looking to invest in robotic and automatic equipment.

The vast majority of this fund will be available under the Farming Productivity Grant (Round 2), providing between £15,000 – £100,000 towards solar equipment; helping energy resilience, maintaining fixed costs and a sustainable electricity supply for farms across the country.

The first stage of applications will open in January 2024. See the link at the bottom of the page for more details.

Why SolarTherm UK?

SolarTherm UK, the installation division of Silvercrest Energy Group Ltd, has been established since 2010 and has installed thousands of solar panels on farm land and farm buildings since being established.

Furthermore, SolarTherm UK is a fully accredited renewable energy and solar panel installer. With several accreditations including MCS, HIES, EPVS and the government enforced Trust Mark accreditation.

SolarTherm UK can supply a desktop survey based upon satellite images of your chosen building or body of water. We offer a competitive quotation fixed for 3 months whilst you apply for grant funding.


Solar Farming Transformational Fund Enquiry


Eligibility For The Farming Transformation Fund

Who can apply ? 

You can apply for a grant if you’re a farmer or horticulturalist in England. Contractors can also apply if they have a registered business address in England.    

Contractors are defined as a business (including a sole trader) that carries out an agricultural or horticultural activity as a service. Contractors are not eligible to apply for solar PV grant funding.

Who cannot apply?   

The following groups are not eligible for the grants:   

  • Government departments, executive agencies, non-departmental public bodies (NDPBs) and any public body where the business forms part of their obligations as a public body
  • Members of Producer Organisations under the Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Aid Scheme, if they have funding for the same project through their operational programme
  • Forestry businesses