Solar Evacuated Tubes

Evacuated tube collectors are the Formula One of the solar thermal world. They are more efficient than other types of collector as they are almost perfectly insulated, and heat cannot pass through a vacuum. As the tubes are cylindrical, they are always perpendicular to the sun reducing the amount of energy that is reflected before it hits the absorber. They are capable of achieving much higher temperatures than other solar collectors as the vacuum ensures that no heat is ever lost.

Some evacuated tubes get as hot as 298˚C while the outside of the tube is still cool to touch. The vacuum in the evacuated tubes also has the advantage of allowing the tubes to function regardless of how hot or cold it is outside. They will start working as soon as there is radiation. This means that even on a freezing cold winter’s day as long as there is sunlight, your solar system will still be providing you with energy. Evacuated tubes do not rely on direct sunlight in the way that solar photovoltaic panels do. They will still work in low light conditions.

Solar Evacuated Tube Cost

The cost of solar evacuate tube systems vary in price depending on several factors such as the size of the system required, type of panels installed, installer, geographical location of the installation as well as financing incentives. Installation costs will typically range from between £3,000 and £10,000 inclusive of all installation costs, parts, and labour.

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Solar Evacuated Tube Installation

At SolarTherm UK, our highly trained engineers have extensive experience in the design, planning, installation, and commissioning of solar evacuated tubes. Our expert team will keep you updated throughout every part of the installation process as well as making sure you are comfortable knowing how your new system works.

Our team have the latest equipment, technology, and training to ensure you receive the highest quality products and service on the market.

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Solar Evacuated Tube Financing

SolarTherm UK work with several carefully selected finance providers to help you spread the cost of the solar evacuated tubes and installation into low interest affordable monthly payments. Authorised and regulated by the finance conduct authority, at SolarTherm UK our team will work with you to ensure any finance options meet your specific needs and requirements.

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