The usual rooftop solar panels can now be produced in a variety of colours. If you are adventurous you might be interested in purple, gold or pink. There are some more subdued tones available too – brown, red and grey. But why would you want coloured solar panels?

Apart from making you stand out from the crowd these coloured panels do have a practical use – blending in. One of the objections to rooftop PV is the visual effect. Black solar panels on the red roof of a listed property would stand out. So there is now the option of having red panels instead. A solar farm in a field could be visible for miles, but if the panels were green they wouldn’t be so obvious.

BISOL Spectrum Rustic Red small BISOL Spectrum Pine Green small BISOL Spectrum Charcoal Grey small
Rustic Red  Pine Green  Charcoal Grey
BISOL Spectrum Marble Pink small BISOL Spectrum Marble Grey small BISOL Spectrum Marble Gold small
Marble Pink Marble Grey  Marble Gold
BISOL Spectrum Charming Purple 3BB small BISOL Spectrum Marble Green small BISOL Spectrum Olive Green small
Charming Purple Marble Green Olive Green

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