Metal Roofing

Thinking of a building a Grand design home, commercial building or refurbishing something special?

Within our group of companies, we have a 16’000 sq. ft metal fabrication facility. We can produce aluminium fabricated products, but the bulk of our work and where our passion lies is Copper or Zinc roofing systems. Zinc can be powder coated to suit design, any colour or finish. Copper can be sprayed to retain its copper colour before gradually turning to a brass patina or being left to slowly anodise to the green colouring we are more familiar with.


How is this relevant to renewables you may ask?

Back in 2012 Solartherm UK won an award for Solar PV installer of the year at the National Energy Efficiency awards. This was for our work at the Historic Royal Chatham dockyard.


Our work here was to supply and install a standing seam zinc roof with a specialist standing seem mounted Solar PV array. Our work included carefully working around the sub structure which was made up of listed 200-year ship timbers.

From there Solartherm alongside other companies within the Silvercrest Group have completed many trapezoidal, tin, green living roof systems but mainly Zinc and copper standing seam and in situ welded roofs, porticos and all manner of other projects. We are even able to match solar panels to the colour of some zinc roofs, offering shades of red, grey, green and blue. We believe there are very few companies in Europe capable of providing this as a service.


The Silvercrest Group of companies are made up of many related construction-based firms, Solartherm UK being just one of them, this has been instrumental in our success.

Our group can Scaffold ANY site, scaffolding supplied by Silvercrest Scaffolding Ltd, and Install be-spoke metal roofing (Copper or Zinc) Green roofs or walls, install solar panels and renewables. Apply spray insulation from Thermospray UK and and for some sites apply specialist metal cladding or aluminium curtain window walling systems by Thermoglaze UK.