Why choose Daikin Altherma hybrid heat pump?

Daikin ERLQ-CV3

You want:

›› More energy efficient systems

›› More cost effective systems


Your solution – a Daikin Altherma hybrid heat pump:

›› Combines gas condensing technology and air-to-water heat pump

›› Delivers up to 35% more heating efficiency

›› Optimises the operation of one of the most efficient gas condensing boiler


You gain:

 ›› Low running costs for heating and domestic hot water

 ››  Low investment costs

 ››  Ideal for renovation applications

 ››  Modular construction

 ››  Easy and fast installation


Two options available:

 ››  5 kw

 ››  8 kw

 ››  High efficiency with COP up to 5.04 (5kW and 4.45 (8kW) (EN 14511 Air 7°C, Water 35°C)

 ››  New inverter control

 ››  High modulation range 1.8-5kW (5kW) 1.8-10kW (8kW)


An opportunity
in residential heating !


What is condensing boiler

Condensing boiler technology converts the fuel used
into usable heat, virtually without loss. This is both
good for the environment and for economy, since
lower energy consumption means lower heating costs,
less use of energy resources and a reduction in CO2
emissions. During this process, flue gases are cooled to
the extent that the steam they contain is condensed.
The energy released by this process is used as heating

What is an air-to-water
heat pump?

The Daikin Altherma air-to-water heat pump
is a sustainable energy source that extracts heat
from the outside air. In a closed loop containing
a refrigerant, a thermodynamic cycle is created
through evaporation, condensation, compression
and expansion. This ‘pumps’ heat from a lower to
a higher temperature level.
The heat gained is transferred to your home’s central
heating distribution system.



Domestic Hot Water

Hot water produced with
gas condensing technology

Efficiency increases up to 10-15% compared toUntitled-pp2
traditional gas condensing boilers thanks to a special
dual heat exchanger:

  • Cold tap water flows directly into the heat
  • Optimal and continuous condensing of the flue
    gases during domestic hot water preparation


Low investment benefits

Untitled-pp3The Daikin Altherma hybrid heat pump can connect
directly to the existing heating system, reducing the
cost and disruption of installation.
It is not a prerequisite to replace existing radiators
but to benefit from even higher efficiencies it is
recommended to install lower temperature radiators.
Thanks to the compact dimensions, the space
needed for the new system is very similar to that of
an existing system, so there is no loss of space and no
need for structural modifications.

Ideal for renovation

Several applications are possible using
the Daikin Altherma hybrid heat pump as all
heat loads. The gas boiler can be installed without
the heat pump in the early stages, in order to
quickly restart heating in the case of a breakdown
of the existing gas boiler.


Easy and fast installation:
3 components

  • Heat pump outdoor unit
  • Heat pump indoor unit
  • Gas condensing boiler



As the heat pump indoor unit and gas
condensing boiler are delivered as
separate units, they are easier to handle
and install. The heat pump indoor unit
is easily mounted on the wall with a
standard back plate.




With the quick interconnections, the gas
condensing boiler is easily attached to the
heat pump indoor unit, resulting in a very
compact unit. Similar to all wall mounted
gas boilers, all the connections are at the
bottom and all the components can be
accessed from the front, which makes the
unit easy to service and maintain.


Daikin Altherma
Hybrid Heat Pump Specifications

EHYHBH/EHYKOMB (Indoor) + EVLQ (Outdoor)

Efficiency data EHYHBH + EVLQ 05AV32 + 05CV3 08AV32 + 08CV3

Heating capacity Min. kW 1.80 (1) / 1.80 (2)

Nom. kW 4.40 (1) / 4.03 (2) 7.40 (1) / 6.89 (2)

Max. kW 5.12 (1) / 4.90 (2) 10.02 (1) / 9.53 (2)

Power input Heating Nom. kW 0.87 (1) / 1.13 (2) 1.66 (1) / 2.01 (2)

COP 5.04 (1) / 3.58 (2) 4.45 (1) / 3.42 (2)


Indoor Unit EHYHBH 05AV32 08AV32 EHYKOMB33A2/3

Gas Natural gas Min-Max m³/h – 0.78-3.39

LPG Min-Max m³/h – 0.30-1.29

Connection Diameter mm – 15

Central heating Heat input Qn

(net calorific value)


Nom Min-Max kW

– 7.6-27 (3)

Output Pn at 80/60°C Min-Nom kW – 8.2-26.6 (3)

Efficiency SEDBUK 2009 % – 89.1 (NG) / 90.1 (LPG)

Operation range Min-Max °C – 15-80

Domestic hot


Output Min-Nom kW – 7.6-32.7

Water flow Rate Nom l/min – 9.0 / 15.0

Operation range Min-Max °C – 40-65

Supply air Connection mm – 100

Concentric – Yes

Flue gas Connection mm – 60

Casing Colour White White – RAL9010

Material Precoated sheet metal

Dimensions Unit HeightxWidthxDepth mm 902x450x164 820x490x270

Weight Unit kg 30 31.2 36

Power supply Phase/Frequency/Voltage Hz/V – 1~/50/230

Electrical power


Max. W – 55

Standby W – 2

Operation range Heating Ambient Min.~Max. °C -25~25 –

Water side Min.~Max. °C 25~55 –


For water circuit central heating, safety

valve: refer to EHYHB*


Outdoor Unit EVLQ 05CV3 08CV3

Dimensions Unit HeightxWidthxDepth mm 735x832x307

Weight Unit kg 54 56

Compressor Quantity 1

Type Hermetically sealed swing compressor

Operation range Heating Min.~Max. °CWB -25~25

Refrigerant Type / GWP R-410A / 2,087.5

Charge kg/TCO2Eq 1.45/3.0 1.60/3.3

Sound power level Heating Nom. dBA 61 62

Sound pressure level Heating Nom. dBA 48 49

Power supply Name/Phase/Frequency/Voltage Hz/V V3/1~/50/230

Current Recommended fuses A 20

(1) Condition: Ta DB/WB 7°C/6°C – LWC 35°C (DT = 5°C) (2) Condition: Ta DB/WB 7°C/6°C – LWC 45°C (Dt=5°C) (3) Values according to G20 (4) 80/60 (5) 40/30 (30%)

Contains fluorinated greenhouse gases



Daikin Altherma Hybrid Heat pump Installation Video: