Distillery and Bonded warehouse owners – get in touch. (Case Study)

Our team have been working on lots of exciting Solar PV proposals for electricity production and energy reduction schemes for distilleries and bonded warehouses of late. The word has spread within the Scottish Whisky industry that their large facility roof spaces may be perfect for solar panel installations and can make a real dent in their required electricity usage.


A recent proposal that we undertook along the A917 located up towards St Andrews in the Fife region for a Whisky Distillery showed the operators that even in more gloomy locations very decent returns were achievable.

Our irradiance checking equipment showed that the distillery roofs could achieve 943kWh/m2. The design allows for a 220kWp solar system using 571no. 385w modules which may produce some 190’000 kWh of electricity per annum.

More interestingly, at the Distillery’s current electricity buy in rate of 10.9p per kWh the system would save around £20’900 per annum, however as they had just received notification that the rate was due to rise to 16.5p the increase in annual savings from the system rose to £31’350.

Not finished there, the system being RPI linked with performance calculations run over the 25-year lifetime of the panels means a whopping return of £921’325 and at the cost supplied equates to a 3.77-year ROI.


Now if any large-scale business with cash in the bank has an accounts manager that says going green doesn’t make good financial sense, then we at Solartherm UK are willing to eat a Whisky cask for free!

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