Super plants planted by a super company!

Scientists at the Royal horticultural society (RHS) have concluded a study that has placed the Cottoneaster Franchetti as a super plant. The hairy leafed bush which is often used as a border or hedge in domestic gardens is 20% more effective at sucking air pollution than other shrubs when placed near heavy polluting traffic and pollution emitters.

Emma Dwyer, installations manager at Solartherm UK, part of silvercrest Energy ltd said “ from what we understand from the RHS study, a one metre length of one meter high dense hedge can mop up the same amount of air pollution that a car emits on a 500mile journey. The staff at Solartherm UK are planning to plant a 100m run of Cottoneaster alongside the A1235, which is a busy section of dual lane motorway leading up to our premises at Winstanley way”
Solartherm UK are also busy contacting Basildon Council and land owners around the same stretch of road way for permission to continue the hedge row scheme along other se rooms of the motorway.
If you would like to get involved with the planting scheme please get in touch as your help would be most welcomed.
T: 01268 552868

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