Solar PV servicing, Health check, solar MOT, or upgrades – NO ⚠️

Cold calls

Solar owners, it is vital that you do not allow anyone in your home to check your Solar PV system.

Ask yourself, does a cold caller really know your installer has gone into liquidation, that your system may not be working, that your warranty has expired? unfortunately, this is a known fraud whereby a salesperson enters your home and either turns off the system and claims it isn’t working, or that it’s out of warranty or that it needs further equipment or servicing.

YES…. people with no moral compass really do this. Plus, if you are duped the works carried out often invalidates genuine product warranties and may be unsafe.

It is a fact that most solar equipment apart from cleaning of the panels themselves need little maintenance and in fact can simply be checked by us over the phone. If your inverter is working and the meter is increasing daily, it’s fine. Is it working to capacity? well take the solar generation meter reading each day for a week, check your documents to see what capacity has been installed and if concerned please call or email us and we can manually check.

Do you have SolarEdge equipment installed? That’s amazingly simple to check with the online portal.

Please see more on the subject historically on our website here:


There is lots online about this, but companies such as ESE services are still trading and unfortunately there are many more that can make a quick buck by implying, they can repair, upgrade or service something that very well may not need it.

There are also various forums that you can find information online.


And more info to be read in the National press.


It would also be wise to register your number with TPS (telephone preference service) and question anyone that calls closely that claim to have details of your system.

This really has reached epidemic levels at the time of writing.

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